About Us


We are more than a family business that sells a good or provides a service: we are a dedicated team whose work is based on trust, and aim to build lasting relationships with our customers. It is our mission to offer the best that the market demands, both in quality and price, to keep up with the trends and to use materials of excellence and certified as pure cotton, bamboo, organic cotton, chenille, nettles or hemp. .


With more than 20 years of experience in the home textile market Rosacel Home Textiles knows how to adapt to the market and offer what it needs: quality, design, innovation in our collections and in the raw materials we select to work with. The collections developed are designed annually, adapting the trends to the different markets with which the company works.


DYNAMISM: a young, qualified, dynamic and committed team.
INTEGRITY AND REABILITY: we work hard to provide the best service and the best products, to gain the customer trust, and build a last long relationship.
INNOVATION: we bet on new technologies to improve processes and new materials to offer better products.
EFFICIENCY: Quick response to the customer in this demanding global market is not just a company value, it is a rule, by which we guide.
SPEED: deliveries within the stipulated deadlines are also a rule for Rosacel.
INFORMATION: following the trends of the global market is a requirement of modern times, to which we are not unrelated. We are always on top of events.
SATISFACTION: the end product match the wishes of the customer, is our priority.

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Productive Capacity

Rosacel weaving area is equipped with Picanol looms supplemented with Staubli jacquard machines and produces more than 60 000 meters of jacquard fabric per month (in diferente widths).
The profitability of modern machines allows production to be efficient with rapid response to the demanding market sectors. The fabric is reviewed through the quality control process along the entire process cycle: weaving, dyeing/washing, manufacture and packaging. We work with european partners that supply us with certified raw materials.

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Innovation and Development

Present product design and quality is our focus. Our looms are prepared to work with different widths and raw materials. We work with cotton, but we also focus our developments on natural raw materials such as bamboo, nettles, hemp or cashmere. With an annual collection presented at the beginning of each year, we are also able to respond to our customer’s requests for their designs and qualities, due to our design office. With more and more creative collections in terms of colour, design, materials or finishes, the approval of the work developed comes with the growth of the company, with clients who search for us for the product quality.

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Social and Environmental Responsibility

Creating the best working conditions for our employees is the prevailing rule. The social responsibility of the company also goes through the care with the preservation of the environment and the continuous bet on eco-friendly raw materials. In this sense, the company has OEKO-TEX 100, which certifies that all our articles do not contain raw materials harmful to health or to the environment. We are also members of BCI and the company is in process of certification ISO 9001, STeP by OEKO-TEX and GRS (Global Recycled Standard).




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