Rosacel is a home textile company that is dedicated to the production of bed linen, robes, curtains, table cloth, kitchen cloth, etc...

With more than 30 years Rosacel uses all the experience gained to work directly with the looms in the production of quality jacquards exporting right now 70% of its production to four Continents.


Our weaving department is equipped with Picanol and jacquard Staubli machines, leading brands in the processo of fabric weaving.
With high performance production we have an area of linear looms with widths up to 3.4 mt that allows to face the most demanding market with an extreme high quality.


The most modern looms in the market, Picanol and Staubli jacquard machines, are the guarantee we can be flexible and adapt to any order or request and ensure top quality products.


In our collections, we produce different qualities of fabrics, in the different compositions:


We have an immense and wide range of designs, from floral, geometric, multicolor, juvenil’s, always guaranteeing exclusivity to our customers.


In terms of cutting, confection and packaging we respect all the product characteristics, it is in this space that the product begins to take shape following all the different customers requests.

The same fabric can acquire different shapes and/or functionalities, depending on the cutting, the type of sewing and the packaging of the product.

The whole production line is followed by the quality control department which verifies and ensures that all the product characteristics meet the customers requirements.


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