Designation of the Project:

Rosacel – Structuring competitive differentials for your success in the global marketplace

Project Code:

NORTE -02-0752-FEDER-024582
NORTE -06-3560-FSE-024582

Main Objective:

Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

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Date of Conclusion:


Total Eligible Cost:


Financial support from the European Union:

FEEI - 146.125,69€

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results:

Rosacel - Têxteis, Unipessoal, Lda., Hereinafter referred to as Rosacel, started its activity in 2011, dedicating itself to the manufacture of                                made textile articles, such as cotton bedspreads and cloths for the hotel and home segments. The company intends to distinguish itself from the competition                                through excellent and innovative products, made with quality raw materials, thus satisfying the needs of its customers.                              To achieve this position, its main objective is to diversify its products and respond justin-time. In this sense, they intend to start                              produce products for everything the home textile encompasses, namely fabric sheets, kitchen cloths and table cloths.

The promoter currently sells to a mid-range segment, and in addition to diversifying its products, it also intends to extend the                                segment, targeting new international markets.

In order to obtain a competitive advantage, Rosacel also intends to focus on marketing and structure a strong brand, which is                                recognized in the market, as being a mark of excellence.

The desire to bet on the international market has existed since the beginning of its activity, and soon began its exports.                               Currently, 37% of its production is sold to international markets, aiming, through its commitment to quality products, to increase                               their international presence and stand out from their competitors.                             This strategic vision of the promoter will be achieved through the achievement of the following strategic objectives:

- Training of its human resources, especially in the area of internationalization;

- Strengthen its position in the international markets where it already operates;

- To bet on international disclosure, in order to establish new strategic contacts and strengthen ties with current clients;

- Increase international turnover.

The promoter plans to carry out a set of innovation actions described in the internationalization plan and,                                in this way, to sell their quality products and differentiators in the target markets. These actions fall into the following typologies:

- Knowledge of external markets: participation in an international home textile fair, Heimtextil in Germany,                                in order to increase its international reputation;

- Presence on the web through the digital economy: development of a promotional video and also update of its website, including new features such as catalogs to advertise its products for the purpose of advertising products and improving their digital communication channels;

- Development and international promotion of brands: international registration of the Rosacel brand in order to create a strong image in the market and to stand out from the competition;

- Prospecting and presence in international markets.

- International marketing: preparation of catalogs and flyers to present their products internationally and gain more notoriety;

- Specific certifications for the external market: adhesion to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and ISO 9001: 2005 certifications in order to signal to the market the quality of its products and management system;

- Introduction of a new method of organization in commercial practices or external relations: hiring of two specialized technicians for the marketing / commercial area to assist the company in its internationalization, so that it is successful.

Rosacel intends to increase its international market share by entering new markets.

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